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Looking ahead to 2007

Written by Tommy, October 2006

oon we will see the end of the year 2006, and we can yet again look back on another good metal year with many strong releases. It started good with albums such as Mind's Eye - Walking On h2o, Bloodbound - Nosferatu, Amorphis - Eclipse, Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse, Astral Doors - Astralism, In Flames - Come Clarity to name a few and went through an as usual kind of slow summer period with Persuader - When Eden Burns and Heed - The Call being stand out albums dring that period. And the end of the year has shown some killer releases again, Enter The Hunt - For Life...., Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side and Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet being the ones that really rose above.

ith the end of 2006 we will also see the beginning of 2007 and that means big plans for Metal Covenant. The site has since the start constantly grown slowly but sure but during the past year it has really taken off. According to the web hotel's own statistics we are currently on a level of approximatly 800 unique visitors/day meaning around 24.000 visitors/month. That is almost 50% more compared to just one year ago. I am delighted to see that we have regular and faithful visitors from different places all over the world, such as South America, Australia and even somone from the US government who according to the vistor statistics are visiting every day during his or her working hours. :) The vistor curve keeps pointing up and I hope the trend will continue.

would very much like if some of you got in contact with me about what you think about the site and it would be nice to hear if you perhaps have any suggestions or tips on how to change or alter the site to the better. Something that should be added, removed or changed in some way. Perhaps you just want to share a story where you or someone you know has picked up an album blindly based on a review on the site and it turned out to be a real killer. Feel free to share your thoughts by mailing feedback@metalcovenant.com.

he plans for the site is to first of all make a cosmetic change in order to freshen it up but also to radiate a more professional look. There are also plans for a few new sections, but at this point it is not really clear what, but it will mean more interaction with visitors and musicians. One plan involves something that will allow bands to post their music on our site for download and where they present their music themselves. There will also most likely be collaborations with webshops, websites and similar in order to expand and of course to give a better big picture with better service to our readers. Stay tuned for this....

007 will also mean a 5 year anniversary for Metal Covenant. The 12th of January 2002 the site took its first trembling steps and went live to the public after an idea had been born in a small apartment in the north of Sweden. The quality of the reviews and other texts were perhaps not the best in the beginning, and it took a while before the present shape of the site took form but now we are here. 5 years and hopefully many, many more to come. I want to thank you all for sticking with us and for all support you have been given in form of nice and encouraging words. It means a lot and is what makes me keep running the site. I hope you will stay with us for many years to come, and please remember to spread to word about us to family, friends, bands, online communities and similar channels.

hank you all once again. Without you this site would not exist. And a very special thanks goes out to my amazingly skilled, loyal and faithful staff members. Without their hard work there would definitely not be a Metal Covenant at all.

Tommy - October 2006