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Written by Mat, May 2005

he world is a very unfair place to live in, that's a fact we all have to endure on a daily basis. This can occur in many shapes but I like to focus on the lack of recognition the metal business seem to get. A general opinion of metal from the great mass not that familiar with the music seems to be that basically all you get is a lot of screaming, (certainly not singing...), no melody whatsoever, and virtually nothing but an irritating and disturbing kind of noise. That opinions and taste vary is of course to be considered but ignorance however is another matter.

certainly don't wish that the metal industry sells out and becomes as immensely commercial as the MTV related pop/rap/r'm'b and so on culture we also hear on the radio daily but a little more recognition for the talent displayed would definitely not be out of place. It's enough for an artist in the more commercial genres to have just one single hit to become a world famous star earning millions and the person in question doesn't necessarily even have to have written the song or even be able to play an instrument to reach that position while you very seldom (or never) hear who's the real mastermind behind it. With the right image and right promotion there seems to be no limits to how absurd this can get. In the metal business (and others as well but let's focus on what lies closest to the heart...) you don't get anywhere with just one single track. With all the competition of today you certainly need close to a full album of smashers to really be acknowledged and without the skill of playing an instrument or writing your own material you're history before you even started. So to be successful in the metal world you have to have so much more than just a cool image and the right look. And the number of people in the metal business that can make a living on the music alone without having another regular job on the side must be considered to be a very small percentage of the entire number of active musicians.

f course I don't want everyone to convert from whatever musical direction they're into today and become a full die hard metal junkie either but I really would like that people in general began to acknowledge that even if they don't like the music they should at least be a little aware of the great musical skills that the metal genre truly consists of. It would also be very fair and just if a much greater number of metal musicians actually could pay the bills and put food on the table as a result of what the put their entire heart and soul into.. Most metal freaks are of course already aware of this and also are the most likely to actually read it but it still felt good to get this one of billions injustices in the whole world out the system.

Mat - May 2005