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Reviewed by Thomas
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Draken
Date: 27 May 2005


Evergrey dvd screening

In October 2004 Evergrey did a concert in their hometown Gothenburg, taking place in the beautiful old theatre Storan. The concert was amazing, just ask anyone that was there, like me for instance, and they will say that it really was A Night To Remember. The concert was recorded and is now released as a DVD and to celebrate this, Evergrey took charge of the largest cinema in their hometown and showed the concert from the night that is to be remembered on the big screen.

Prior to the screening the band did a very short acoustic set performing four songs in the lobby before it was time to take the seats in the cinema to relive the concert. A laid back little performance that got you in a good mood and perhaps an unplugged album is something that Evergrey should consider.

The more I think of that night in October the better the concert seems to get, but when the pictures from the screen was caught in my eyes I was overwhelmed, was it really this great? I am not gonna get to much into detail about the DVD as I plan to do a proper review as soon as I get my hands on a copy of it so I will keep this very short. But I can say that this was just awesome, the performance was great in the first place but there is more that meets the eye with the stage-lightning and such that I didn't notice at the actual concert. The quality of the footage is just stunning, perhaps it has some cuts that are too fast giving it a feeling of being a music video sometimes but it does look really great most of the time. Director Patrick Ullaeus has done an excellent job with the camera angles to make this look good, just as the live feeling has been very well captured.

A Night To Remember comes out as a sonic and visual success and my first impression is that this might just be the best concert DVD I have ever seen. And if you like Evergrey or just even have the slightest interest in the band, you will love this one.

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